The Selfless Heart!

Nanu Nanu.

Hey friends, can I pull up and park beside your heart? The two words above are from a tv show that aired around 1980; called Mork and Mindy. It was a greeting that Mork used, which basically means; Hello! The message below I wrote back in the summer of 2014. A time when selfies and mental health was taking flight, now they’ve taken center stage. Robin Williams was Mork, and his death that summer shocked me and the world, but got my heart thinking; so I wrote the following.

In society today we have new words, like selfie; which derives from the word self. There’s nothing wrong with the words self or selfie; we just need to put them into prospective. Don’t let them take root within, and evolve into the word; selfish. Read the questions below; assess yourself as a person. See if the word that best describes you is none other than the word; selfless?


• Is the love for your partner in life true, unconditional; forever?

• Do you feel that it’s an absolute need to encourage, and speak life into the hearts of those around you; just because?

• Can you see more beauty within people, more than the beauty you see; in the mirror?

• Do you work hard; regardless of how you feel, or even if you never get recognized?

If you’ve said yes to these questions, then it’s exactly as I thought. You see that it’s not about you, you’ve chosen to walk the path of selflessness. You haven’t bought into the message being told these days; “that it’s all about you!” You’ve realized, and know that it’s more rewarding to build up. Your selfless act could very well be the lifeline, that they so desperately need; to stand, stronger. We should never make life all about us, shine bright the light you have within. Be that beacon of hope, someone just may need to see the light. The only light they see, probably comes from a darkened soul; but the darkness, still overwhelms from within!


14 thoughts on “The Selfless Heart!

  1. Great insight!
    We all need a beacon of hope at times. A simple smile or “Hello”. Just acknowledging those around you goes a long way.🥇

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  2. Very deep Warren, but nowadays most people are cruel at times been selfless is a defense mechanism from getting hurt by them.
    But still we should try to give hope to others and be their light 💡

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    1. Thanks for the comment! I hear you, I’ve been there; the hurts will never define my heart! The light within will forever shine, even more so within these darkened times!

      Blessings to you, always!!

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