The Hurt Locker!

We’ve all been hurt, some of us can still even feel the pain. Scars fade, the pain goes away; if you let go, and let God. Give God your pain, don’t be ashamed to show Him your scars; there’s a locker. Sure, I know it’s easier said than done, but what’s the alternative? Just let it sit within your heart, and fester; until something becomes truly rotten, but it turns out to be your soul? Life is a journey, the path may not be easy. The journey can be sometimes short, don’t waist the moments looking back. Let it be, ashes to ashes; dust yourself off. The journeys not over, until Him face to face. His love will always, and forever be the final destination!

Let me tell you about my heart, may it be an inspiration. My journey has been far from easy, but it has truly made my heart stronger. My heart has been called, let your heart be one of the chosen; to be good, and truly faithful. My desire is to have a heart like David. It didn’t matter what David faced, he held true to his faith; in God. Even when he could have taken Sauls life, he waited for God to promote him; the hurt was placed within the locker!

I want my faith to be as bold as Job, he said; “though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.” He lost every single thing he had, but yet his faithful heart; was secure within his God. That just blows my mind; curse God, die, wasn’t an option, not even a second thought for Job. What a great faith to truly behold, the hurt, the pain, the suffering; placed within his locker!

My friends, God’s got it; God’s got you, right in the palm of His hands. Put the hurt, the pain, put your trust; in Him who is able. His love is the key, He has a locker with your name on it. Give your hurt to Jesus, let His love be your comfort!


18 thoughts on “The Hurt Locker!

      1. Thanks for the invite, I’ve been asked before. I am considering it, I’m just not able to add managing another site to my busy schedule! I have all of the information, I will reach out when I’m able. Thanks again!


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