It’s A Love Thang!

I am a man, a simple man; complicated is just my heart. I’ve got this thing, my heart’s got a love thang. A need to be loved, but the desire to show love; it’s a love thang. This man doesn’t need much, forever and only your love is that thang. Girl you must know that we’ve got a nice thang, a wonderful thang; a truly special thang. Girl this thang is real, this is definitely not a little thang. Maybe I shouldn’t call it just a thang? I see this as a big thang; babe this more than just a love thang!

Woman it’s the little things, even the little bitty things; that keeps my heart loving you. All the little things, all the sweet loving things; shows me that your heart’s my true love thang. So woman please believe, girl I need you to always believe; that your heart will forever be my love thang. My desire is to love you, my desire is to honor you; it’s a love thang. Girl I want you to embrace this thang, this thang goes deep. I’m trying to show you that it’s a deep love thang!

Girl I know you want my heart to always have a thang. Sweet lady, you deserve my everything. But what’s a thang, if it’s not a good loving thang? Babe, my love will forever be that thang. I’m your man, forever trying to be the man; giving you a good loving thang. Woman you done know, that my heart will forever big up your love. I will forever be your mister lover, lover; your mister lover man. Babe, I need your heart to know, that I have a love thang; for you!


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