Not Guilty!

One day my heart stood accused, the list was so long. My fate was in the Judge’s hands, but He turned and said; not guilty. I don’t know how that could ever be? Judge, can’t you clearly see; that my sins are beyond forgiveness? He said I know, two witnesses came forward; Grace, and Mercy. The Judge said that they were willing to take my place, their love has paid the price; not guilty!

But Judge for years my soul has cursed God, with such a lethal heart; just hoping to die. But instead You’ve chosen to inject my heart, with so much love. Judge my actions are that of a truly sinful man, so why won’t You let my heart be condemned? Son, no double jeopardy, the slate has been wiped clean; your sins are forgiven, not guilty. Judge how about all the wrongs; not guilty. Then how about all my errors in judgment; not guilty!

The Judge just wouldn’t let me answer for my heart. Instead the Judge just raised His hands; that’s when I saw the scars. My heart was in awe, the rain fell from my eyes; how could my heart not be guilty? I fell on my knees, my heart felt so ashamed; but my soul was so grateful. Judge, I confess, it doesn’t matter what, they will say in the court of public opinion. My foolish heart helped in making the stripes necessary!

Oh God, I have a change of heart. The verdict is obvious, but You’ve shown my heart so much mercy. So many charges, but the sentence You’ve graciously set aside. Judge, Your love has forever rendered my heart; Not Guilty!


23 thoughts on “Not Guilty!

  1. Hey. This is so emotional and heart touching. You have transpired inspiration through your words and narrative. Remarkable writing style. Great read! I hope you could try to follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. Thank you! 😊

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  2. God’s love. Oh you can’t go on and describe that. Praise the Lord who wiped away out sin and showered us with mercy and kindness. And gave us heaven.

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