K.I.D.S; Love Is The Battlefield!

They’re strong, and no one can ever convince them that there’re wrong; so love becomes a battlefield. They’re young, and they don’t give you any promises, even if you demand it; so love stays a battlefield. We battle every day, just to agree that we will always disagree. So the battlefield turns into a mind field; the chaos is now the war zone. They will never give in, but we shall never give up. There’s too much at stake; their hearts, and your sanity!

So the battle rages on, but for one simple reason. K.I.D.S; Kid Irritation Disorder Syndrome. There’s no cure for it, this is a lifelong dilemma. This is an infectious love, absolutely worth injecting into our hearts. But if we’re not careful; improper treatment, can devastate a home. One side effect, the struggle can drive you mad; if you let it. The cure; pray… for strength. Just remember, driving will always be a privilege; not a right. If that doesn’t work, they just might use their life savings; to buy you a one way ticket, aboard the train heading off the rails. The final destination; guilt trip central.

But what they fail to understand, is that you’ve been there done that… yourself. You have the t-shirt, saying it’s a lifetime commitment; on the love train, heading straight to the heart of what matters most. K.I.D.S is absolutely treatable; with the right amount of love and affection. So stay in the fight, endure to the very end. One day they will come to understand; love was the battlefield, but hearts become forever fortified. Heartache to heartache we stand, who can’t hear will feel; that the true battlefield, is outside the home!

The struggle is real, but this is a just cause; their hearts are absolutely worth fighting for. Don’t let it be about taking territory; who’s right, who’s wrong. Equip them for the battles ahead, equip them with the mantle of love. Soon and very soon, they too will need to know how to fight the good fight; when they have their own case of K.I.D.S. The heart of a warrior, will always hold on tight to the truth of love. True love will always fight the battles that counts. Winning the battles was never the goal, building a strong unbreakable bond; that becomes your forever victory. Search your hearts, there you will find the strength to stand. Love is a battlefield, but the fight; is absolutely worth it!


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