The Blind Man!

There once was a blind man, his mind was Asking, but his heart just needed to Seek; to know the love Knocking at the door of his heart. The blind man thought he needed sight to see, but he just needed the faith to believe. So the blind man started Asking; heart, can you truly believe in a love you can’t see? Then a small still voice said; Seek… first. So the blind man took hold of his baggage, he was taught to always follow his heart. He just couldn’t quite yet see; for his heart to be forever free of the baggage, he would need to be led by the spirit!

So the blind man started on the journey, and even though some blindness still covered his eyes; his heart was being opened. To see that the journey only required him to believe; faith would be the substance, that made everything else clear. The blind man was starting to see, but the vision was not yet clear. Everyone seemed as trees; their hearts were rooted within the world, but not grounded within the truth!

Along the journey the blind man sought to know the truth. Asking, Seeking, Knocking; he knew the steps, but still too blind to know how to be led. The blind man could see the truth, it was living within his heart. But so many around him just didn’t realize; to see, your heart would first have to be open. They couldn’t see the forest, they were trees; swaying, but he paid them no attention. His eyes were forever fixed on the light; hovering within the darkness!

So he kept his head down, but kept his heart vertical; his eyes were no longer blinded. So he studied, building true depth within his heart. Deep was the truth within, a love unspeakable; firm became the foundation. Years passed, and the once blind now had a story to tell. A love story, forever etched within his heart. The once blind man could finally see; that God’s love was the journey. Seeing was never the answer, believing was always the choice; that made hearts free, to forever see!


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