Within my heart, that’s where Your thunder hides. Striking, that just a simple way to explain Your love. My heart knows that it’s been absolutely struck by Your love. Once a day, that would absolutely be a lie. Constantly, to others that would be absolutely shocking, but to me; Your love is just fierce!

My heart, tried to outrun Your love, but now my soul is trying to fathom the depth of Your heart? Even knowing the height and width, would have never prepared my heart; to be so moved by the length and breadth. Your love is like a massive tidal wave, colliding over and over with my heart. Oh God, Your love is so fierce!

Like a hurricane, my heart just can’t escape. Your love chased me down, seeks me out. How could I have not known; that Your love just wants to take my heart to higher heights. Your love is tearing through my soul; ripping away the flesh. Tornado, that word doesn’t describe; Your love is that fierce!

Blazing, Your love is ablaze within my heart. Backdraft, Your love is so much more than a phenomenon. Your fire consumes my air, but yet; Your love is also my oxygen. Take all the air within my lungs, open up my heart. Let there be an everlasting explosion, until Your love becomes the only air; not toxic to my soul.

Hold me, right there, right there; Your love is touching my heart. Relentlessly pursue my heart, catch this tiger by the tail; until my love too, becomes fierce!


17 thoughts on “Fierce!

  1. Fabulous. Yes, God our Lord is fiercely seeking His people chasing them down, bring them to redemption, fill them with so much love it is overwhelming. The Love which is upon us is stronger than ever before. Blessing to you beautiful expressed.

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