My heart knows Your love, and my soul loves Your presence. Spending time alone; love truly abounds, within our secret place. A rendezvous, to feel Your presence move throughout my heart. A rendezvous by any other means, would never be as sweet; if my heart wasn’t as close as possible, to Your love. I have the meeting place, now and forever is the time. You have never disappointed, Your love is always on time. It’s our secret place, nobody there; just You and me. The fire is burning, crackling is the flame. My heart has never been scorched, but yet; my soul wants to be completely consumed. Heart on fire, ignite the flame; this is our secret rendezvous!

It doesn’t matter how hard life gets. I know I can always lean on Your heart, to find strength within Your love. Whenever I feel alone, Your heart is my hiding place; the love I cling to. Rendezvousing with Your love, over and over; forever and always, within the secret place. I don’t ever want to be alone, just swept away; by the lover of my soul. You’re the love that burns within, passion throughout. Fire and desire, deep within my soul. Your love is the presence, moving within my heart. The breath that moves, the air within my lungs; the presence, so undeniable!

Next to You, there’s no other; nothing can compare, to You. When Your love first rendezvoused with my heart; it was a privilege, my absolute pleasure. Your love has been my greatest joy, getting to know Your heart; priceless. My heart knows ten thousand reasons, why it won’t stop; why this will never stop, being our secret place. But it’s no longer a secret, the world is getting to see Your love. iWrite, my heart is being exposed; Your love is on display. Perhaps they, too; will want to have their own secret rendezvous?

I Love You Lord, with all my heart. I’m truly struck by Your love; how about another secret rendezvous, within my heart!


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