A Voice!

I have a voice, I will no longer be seen, and not heard. I will speak my mind, will anyone be able to hear my heart. I want to be a voice for those who have no voice, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves; mic check one two. The time has come to no longer be silent, the silence has become absolutely deafening; the injustice, hearts are being silenced. Beat your hearts strong, beat your hearts loud; one voice!

I will be a voice for those crying out in the wilderness, the wilderness within their own hearts and minds. I will rise up early, voice be heard; this is the day. I will speak life into the darkness. With my one heart, with my one voice; it’s about one love. I have come in peace, not to alienate hearts; to make a difference. The hour has come to speak up, to speak out. To get off my chest, that which truly burdens my heart!

This is the moment, the hour is truly at hand; I will not let another second just go by. For time would never think of just favoring me, or simply stand still. Even though, I have been such a faithful companion; with the precious time we have. Time has a destiny to fulfill, my heart is destined to fill; hearts and minds with truth, hope. This time my voice shall not be forfeited. The world truly needs to know, that time was never on their side!

I’ve truly had enough time to clear my throat, but if I should happen to lose my voice? I will still never truly be silent, time will still have a story to tell. Second by second, minute by minute; time shall no doubt prove to the whole world. That the days of our lives, are yet within an hour glass; that moves through the sands of time. So be still my soul, be steady my heart. Open up thy mouth, speak the truth, but with love. Speak firmly, but gently; speak with a clear voice. Be bold with your words, but forever humble with the delivery!

So I will wear my heart on my sleeve, hearts still need to see; that the voice, is my heart. One heartbeat, can move a mouth to speak, the truth from within. But if all hearts spoke as one voice; we can forever move nations to hear, the words within. I have a voice, but what good is a voice? If it’s just a silent instrument, that has not yet learned; how to speak from the heart. From my heart to yours, I am not The Voice; I am just a voice, for a time such as this. I have a message; let love abound, let freedom ring!


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