The Air!

My heart wants to tell a thousand stories, of a love so precious. Precious as the air, to make my heart breathe. A love that is my breath; life. I breathe deeply, to gain a deeper truth; found within every breath. But this love is more than just life; it’s everything, the air. With every breath, overwhelmed is just the start. Amazing, would never be the end; this love is my air!

My soul just can’t seem to believe, that it has to play second fiddle to my heart. My heart is the vessel that breathes, but my soul is what’s being forever moved. This love is that of a gentle feeling, moving my heart in and out. A gentle movement, coursing through my lungs; rushing into my soul, blowing the mind. Exposing that my heart, is being moved by the beauty of this love. I can’t even stop my heart, every breath; becomes my air!

Flowing gently across the tip of my heart, my soul gets moved; by the sheer gentleness of this love. A soft gentle whisper, the stillness has always been my soul; unforgettable, that’s just the feeling. This love is the gusto within, loving is simply a breeze. Can you truly see, that it’s the air I breathe. Every single breath, my heart takes; will be the air that sustains my soul. The seen, but unseen; whispers within my heart, Your love is my air!

How can I breathe without air, this love is within my heart; the very life within my soul. My love, undeniable; this love, unexplainable. I just can’t seem to put it into words. Simply put; You are my air, so my heart moves!


28 thoughts on “The Air!

  1. “The Air” was so moving, so passionate and intense. It took my breathe away, as each word briskly flowed across the page. I loved it, it is very well written💜💕💜
    InHisCare 🙏

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