Time; The Precious Moments!

My dearest time, we had an appointment to meet at twelve o’clock, but you were no where to be found. My own time got busy, and I only took my eyes off You for just a second; but now it’s 12:04. Maybe I should have told You, that I was going to be late. Maybe then You would have waited, but I know better. You will relentlessly chase after my heart throughout time, but it’s my heart that needs to be truly willing; to change. Your love is always moving, but it’s my heart that wanted to stay the same. Change is never easy, but absolutely necessary; to affect true growth!

Now I can truly see, that even when my heart seemed to be wide open; precious moments within my time were still missed opportunities, my heart blinked. Nevertheless, I’m truly sorry; that I didn’t try to seize every single moment. Time, it doesn’t matter how hard I’ve tried; my mind still lost focus, of You. Even the slightest hesitation, is still a moment to truly reflect. It was never about the mind keeping focus, but about the heart; and times spent focused, on You!

Time, I truly didn’t mean to let the love for you just slip away. Even though it’s Your absolute right to move on, to seek a heart ready to appreciate Your worth. Your time is still spent moving towards my heart. I don’t ever want my heart to be stuck within another moment in time, the focus should always be the here and now. Time after time I get to breathe, because Your love gives me time. Another day for my heart to realize. That this moment in time, is all we truly have; tick tock!

Father of time, how I forever see Your two outstretched hands. Moving, to ensure that we can still have moments to cherish; moments to truly have and to hold dear. I’ve never worried about the number of times spent, but the blessings that have truly benefited my heart; from the times together. Turn back the time, give my heart a do over; the time spent will truly be better. I will focus more on the number seven, that’s perfect; luck will never be a contributing factor, love was meant to be intentional!

Father, I pray that we truly remember. That the time we spend focused on You, is the only time; that truly matters!


35 thoughts on “Time; The Precious Moments!

  1. “That the time we spend focused on You, is the only time; that truly matters!”

    No truer words have ever spoken. Time spent with Him is time well spent.


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