The Line!

My heart wants to go the distance. Just to have Your love near, I would walk a mile in Your shoes; to be one step closer to Your heart. The journey is long, sometimes I feel that the distance between us; is overcome by the miles. To show You that my heart is willing to go higher, my heart would walk that proverbial fine line. Just to show, that I truly don’t fear falling; more in love with You, Your love is the building block of my faith. Simply put, Your love is the air that breathes within. I completely trust, that Your love will never let my heart fall to pieces!

That’s why I need to train my heart; so it can totally and completely fall in line, with Your unconditional love. Perhaps, if I joined a boot camp; I can learn how to discipline my mind, and build up my heart muscle. But what good would that do, when it’s Your love; that strengthens my faith, which builds the love within my heart. I will never draw the line, and limit how close I will let Your love get to the center of my heart. You’ve already shown, that Your love is truly limitless!

Now that I am older, and somewhat wiser; I’m finally allowing my heart to be searched. For years I’ve done the very thing I promised that I would never do; stepped way over the line, and have taken Your love for granted so many times. I drew a line in the sand, promised to be faithful; but faith without works, doesn’t even come close to blessing Your heart. I saw one footprint within the sand, and assumed; that I was not loved. But those were the moments, when Your love was holding me up!

Forgive me, I crossed the line; the very moment when I failed to love You as I should. But yet, through it all, You’ve always been my Lifeline. Now I truly know, that Your love will never let me go. So this time I draw another line; from my heart, to the center of Your love. Test my heart, see if Your love truly dwells deep within. Your love is well able, to pull me back in line; whenever my heart wanders, just a bit too far from Your love. May that forever be The Line, my heart will never again cross!


36 thoughts on “The Line!

    1. That’s a very lovely comment, thank you! Warren means; “defender,” God’s love defends us! God’s love moves me, my desire is to have a heart like my Father! Blessings to you! 🙏🏽😊

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  1. I love how you love God! 💙Your words are certainly an inspiration for the lost and nourishment for the believers. God bless you.

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      1. It surely is! Warren is such a great writer when it comes to expressing his feelings about God.

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