Sometimes I get lost within my own thoughts, when all I really need to do; is just get forever lost within Your heart. I don’t ever want to be so deep in thought; that I simply miss an opportunity to get lost, just being within Your presence. My words, my expressions, my thoughts; with one focus, Your heart. Don’t ever let my thoughts, get between Your love and my heart; unless Your love, becomes my only thought!

I try my best not to get in my own head, even a strategic thinker; can think why… me? But then a quiet whisper within my heart says, why not; you? When I think back to the days as a young man. The days when I just sat in the corner, just watching, just observing; but very much lost, within my own thoughts. People had to check, to see if I was still breathing. I didn’t realize it then, those quiet moments; Your love was the still whisper, invading my heart. Your presence was my only companion; my best friend, was truly Your love!

I still am a man of few words, it absolutely blows my mind; that I’m telling everyone our story, I could not have imagined. To this day Your love still invades my thoughts, but now moves my heart. The words expressed, are not even my own thoughts; Your love puts them within my heart. Just thought You should know, my heart is okay with that!

Whenever I get a little too lost in thought, all You ever have to do; is gaze into my heart, Your love will always get my attention. It seems like I can no longer hide my heart; not even my thoughts, or my true feelings. So if there was a moment, that I had only one thought of You within a minute; I do apologize. It should be every single second, my heart even gets to take a breath. To now deny Your love, would be to deny my own heart!

I can never again just hide behind my thoughts, my heart is learning to rest upon Your love. The desire became a passion, the passion turned into a love. My heart is letting go, trying to allow Your love; to take every thought captive. These days I don’t get too lost within my own thoughts, I now get lost; endlessly writing about this love. It will never be my thoughts, but Your love on display. May others see that it’s Your love, flowing from within my heart!


20 thoughts on “Thoughts!

  1. “These days I don’t get too lost within my own thoughts, I now get lost; endlessly writing about this love.” – This is so precious! The kind of love that will change the world!❤

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