Your love is suspended, hovering, vapors within the air. All creation catches their breath with awe, love is in the air; every time I look around. Your love, my heart, exhale; could that even be possible, without Your love?

You are my breath, the air that moves. I take; just a vapor, and my heart feels alive. All I need to breathe, is just vapors. Love is within Your words, speak; let my heart catch just a breath; to hang on every word, the vapors!

A love floating, a love moving, a love flowing. The liquid running through my veins, love moves the air; vapors of Your love. Without it life would never be. Toxicity would be the beginning, let Your love flow; don’t let bitterness be the end!

Misty, not having Your love; my eyes would shed so much tears. The moisture that falls, liquefied vapors; Your love bottles them all.

My heart used to be in a haze, the craze was my days. My heart felt in a daze, my soul; lost within a maze. Your love came and found my heart, the feeling; forever amazed!

Fumes, without Your love as the fuel that powers; my heart would be running just on fumes. Gasping for air, a tightening within my soul. Bluish, my heart can’t survive without air; the love within my lungs. There would be sadness, the fog; vapors that blinds my heart, true sadness. The blueness that fills the heart, toxic blue vapors!

Faith, the substance within a heart; strength to move real mountains. Love, the substance that now moves my heart. Don’t let my heart beat, don’t let my heart; even take another breath, without Your love breathing within. My heart can survive, on just a single vapor. Let me catch my breath, Your love is all I need; to breathe!


27 thoughts on “Vapors!

  1. Too beautiful! I especially love these lines:

    “Let me catch my breath, Your love is all I need; to breathe!” 💙💙

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