The Destination; Deeper!

For almost fifty years, my heart has been on a journey. A journey to be more than just forever changed; the destination, deeper. Thirty three years ago, my heart was amazingly changed. Learning to walk within the truth, that was the challenge; moving when I needed to be still, that was what my heart needed to learn. How would I truly know the destination, if my heart wasn’t willing to be led?

Like with most journeys, it begins with just one step; the kind, baby steps. I felt I didn’t need to be coddled, but even a baby. Needs to learn how to be held, until they can no longer fall; for anything. The changes within are now truly profound, I have found; that you can’t truly lead, without first knowing how to follow. Training, dedication; testing. The journey is taking my heart to uncharted places, the ultimate destination; deeper!

This is a journey to know, but it’s becoming a story to tell; let me try to tell you how deep is this love. Please don’t try to stop me, you will never be able to deter me. The path has already been chosen, my heart will never be persuaded. Deeper is the destination, forever has always been my destiny. My heart knows the way, my soul is being led by the truth; the road, will take me deeper. The journey has changed my life, never ending; will forever be the story, deeper is the destination!

My heart knows how to love, my heart is being transformed by a love; deeper is where this love is taking my heart. I’ve learned how to stand, but my heart is being taught; how to stand out. You can’t go deeper, if you stand on only what’s sure. My heart’s not going to move, even though moving will take me somewhere; my heart has been called, to go deeper. So my heart will not move, my heart is still learning how to always be led!

My heart is on a journey, a journey to be more than just forever changed; God’s love has been my path. Thirty three years later, the time has come; to be about my Father’s business. The Destination, taking your heart with me; Deeper!


27 thoughts on “The Destination; Deeper!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, Wendi! The post are doing what God intended through my heart; to encouragement, and bless hearts! I’m glad to hear that the WORDS have PRESSed, into your heart! Blessings to you!

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      1. Oh! Not sure what’s happening with WordPress these days. Still, I am glad you eventually found my comment 🙂

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  1. Awesome post….I like the line, “You can’t go deeper by standing only on what’s sure.” That is so true. God leads in such mysterious ways. You have to blindly follow. I pray that more of us will take a leap of faith just as you have done Warren.

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