When A Man Loves!

When a man loves a woman, her heart can never do anything wrong; when a man loves. A real man treats her like a lady, forever say he’s a man in love; with her heart, the beauty within a woman. When a man loves a woman, he will love her for life. He will make her heart, the love of a lifetime; when a man loves!

How could a man ever truly turn his back on her heart, why would he ever turn his back on his heart; didn’t her love, become his heart? A deep river woman, willing to love forever; willing to give you her whole heart, a woman’s love!

My baby is the apple of my eye, sweet is the sugar; a cutie pie. The very reason why; spring became my favorite season, I found my May Flower. Sweet lady, this man loves his woman. Even when my love doesn’t seem so sweet. Lady, from day one, deep within my heart. Your love became part of my soul, your love filled a hole!

When a man loves a woman, he gives her the best of his heart. Deep down within his soul, he couldn’t love anyone else; only when a man will forever love that woman. I do was the first step, forever becomes the next step. Unconditionally, goes without saying. He promised that he will do it forever; when a man, truly loves a woman!


44 thoughts on “When A Man Loves!

    1. Bryan is one of my favorite singers. I started writing this some months ago, and finished it for the post. My heart was stirred when I was listening to one of my favorite songs; When a man loves a woman! Originally sung by Percy Sledge, and Michael Bolton did an amazing job remaking it!

      Thanks for the kind words Shantanu, appreciate it!

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