The Move!

First, there was a move, but then; the move started to become so constant. Over time, the move became a shift. At first it was truly glorious, but over time it seemed as if the glory; became us, not thus… I could feel it, my heart could absolutely recognize it. But sometimes, all I could say about it; was that I felt it. The move, was becoming a constant shift; but my heart was not always ready, to be moved!

Even within the stillness, the move was still a shifting; my heart still needed to be moved. Now, I just can’t help it; even if I tried, I couldn’t even prevent it. This love moves the stillness within, all my heart can do; is to enjoy the rhythm, within every heartbeat. There it goes again, another move; the shift, is what keeps my heart vertical. God, Your love just won’t stop, making my heart skip a beat!

I don’t want my ears to just hear, teach my heart to constantly listen. I don’t want to just see, give my heart the vision. So others can see, that my heart moves; because Your love is the breath. Each breath I breathe, moves my lungs; but let the words within my heart, reveal the breadth of Your love. It doesn’t even bother me, if I can’t recognize the man in the mirror; from the constant shifting. What would truly trouble my soul, is that You could not truly recognize my heart; because I refused to be moved!

How can I truly be used to move others to act, if my own heart is indifferent; to a world that needs to know. That the time has come, to embrace a love that truly moves; but will shift; your heart!


24 thoughts on “The Move!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your wonderful comment! I try not to just read post, but also listen to the heart behind it. Like yourself, I write in a way; that it will connect with every reader! Thanks again!

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  1. “With a little faith
    Just a little trust
    If you believe in love
    Love can move mountains
    Believe in your heart
    And feel, feel it in your soul
    And love, love can
    Love can move mountains!”
    – Céline Dion

    Loved this!!! ❤️

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    1. Sometimes when I write, it’s someone who needs a word; God led your heart was to this one! I will tell you something, each post is not random. I post, base on the message God is leading me to speak on, even the day of the post, I still don’t know what the actual message will be. I have a few within my heart, but the spirit prompts me to post the right one on the day of!

      Father, thank you for leading my sister to this post. You had a words for her, thank you for using me to deliver it. In Jesus’ name, Amen! God bless Tammy! 🙏🏽

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