The Fork!

I’ve always tried my very best to anticipate, to watch my step; guard my heart. Sometimes, we can find ourselves at a crossroad; the proverbial fork in the road. This world has so many ups and downs, choices; when you find yourself lost, look up. Some people might think that’s not a viable direction, but that would be the best decision. They can even make you feel like you’re crazy, you’re not. Crazy is a state of mind. Making a decision, without the heart being part of the deciding factor; insanity becomes the state!

As for me and my heart, No one will ever be able to stick a fork; done, would mean I no longer walk the earth. Tenderness, will forever be the feeling; that differentiates a hardened heart, from a gentle soul. How can anyone see if love permeates within; if you’re never willing to show the tender side? Don’t get me wrong, we all have a side; that at times can be a bit distasteful. You may have been burnt one, too many times; don’t let those dark moments, define your heart!

So therefore, let the true undeniable presence abide; love. It doesn’t matter how hardened you‘ve become, your heart cannot deny the truth; the love within. When you have truly come to the realization, that within the heart; love is the deep seeded desire. Being tender, will then never be a crossroad; but the path, you’ve forever chosen to take. Even when your heart gets completely full; don’t let the love, stop feeding your soul. Whenever your soul feels overwhelmed, just take a deep breath; then let your heart, take in every bit of that Amazing love. Real love needs to be savored, not just consumed. Even though the love, is truly poised; to consume your heart, from within!

My friends, chew on this; the true meat of any good relationship, are the truly tender moments; your heart gets to enjoy. That’s right, take the time to enjoy every bit of those moments; especially, when it’s a truly tasty love. Go ahead, get your fill, just remember; it’s not about stuffing your heart, but filling each others soul; try a little tenderness. And if you again get to another fork, keep the love moving forward; the fork is never the end of the road. The love you will crave today, will still make you hungry; for more of the same tomorrow. Don’t stop thirsting, don’t ever stop feasting; don’t let the love within your heart go hungry. Because from the very beginning, you didn’t already make up within your heart; which fork you would forever choose?


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