Heart to Heart!

Can we have a heart to heart, can I pour out my heart? I just want to have a moment, a moment alone. Can You stop time, can I sit at the foot of Your love; to forever gaze into Your heart? Your love is my comfort, Your love is my joy; Your love is, my everything. Just a glimpse, just a glimpse into Your love; my whole world changed. Your love has completely, and forever changed my heart. At first it was just a small noticeable change, but then; oh, but then Your love made such an impact. An impression, that’s what it is; right here, on my beating heart. You must know, oh, You must truly see? That Your love is forever etched, upon every pulse of my heart; can we have a moment, a heart to heart?

Just to be in Your presence, just to feel the true breadth of Your love. This is not about, what You can do for me. Let me be the one, that now pours out my soul. Only You, loves me like You do. Your love is angelic, it has fought for my soul. Strong and so Mighty, Your love has won my heart. May my heart, be Your angel on Earth; living with one purpose; to tell of Your love. Open up my mind, the way Your love has opened up my heart. Free my soul, from all the captive thoughts. Tell my heart, about every facet of Your amazing love. Whenever my heart lies back against Your love, whenever I rest my love on Your heart. Those heart to heart moments, is when; I truly feel my heart begin to breathe!

I’m Yours, my heart is forever Yours. Tell me, oh tell it to my heart; why do You love me so? Whisper it into my soul, my heart is forever at rest; here within Your presence. Let me reflect, let Your love; be reflected in me. For years Your heart has captured my imagination, but is Your love; that forever has my gaze. Abba, Baba, Daddy, my love will Rise above it; all of these meaningless distractions. So we can forever have our heart to heart. I need to again let You know, how much I Love You!


42 thoughts on “Heart to Heart!

  1. It is such an awesome privilege to have sight, to have the ability to read. Lord I truly thank you 🙏!
    Warren, this is beautifully penned. So grateful we have a direct connection at anytime, thank you Jesus!


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    1. When you write about Your first love, the one that gives you their best love. The passion should be nothing less than every, you truly feel inside! Thank you, I appreciate you sharing your lovely comment! 🙏🏽😊

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