The barometer is telling, that the temperature is falling; but the love within my heart, forever seems to be rising. I must be feeling a heat wave, my heart knows; it’s Your love that has my temperature rising. The barometric pressure within my heart, is absolutely fluctuating; it rises and falls, with every breath You take. Let me hold my breath, just so I can hear Your every heartbeat; in the attempt to fathom, the true depth of Your love. But why would I ever want to breathe, if my barometer couldn’t even detect; the fire within my bones?

Let me, therefore gauge my own heart. I will forever use Your love, as the true benchmark; in which to gauge my very soul. Eve if it’s just a degree of separation, would undoubtedly expose; that there’s a lingering coldness, that would need to be immediately adjusted. Your love has the ability, and the very right to gauge my true motives; look deep within. There’s no science to Your love. Not even a rocket scientist would be able to figure out, why my heart burns out of control; whenever Your presence, gets within a thousand feet of my heart?

Extra, extra, you can read all about it; this is not news. Send home all the meteorologists, all the climatologist; they simply have it backwards. Yes, hot air rises; but my barometer tells a different story. It tells me that Your love, will continue to flow down; into the depth my soul. My heart is just an instrument, an instrument used to show change. How everyone views a love such as this, will show how very instrumental; Your love has been in my heart. No judgement is needed, I invite you to gauge my heart for yourself. To what degree of change you see, it truly doesn’t matter; the judge already said, Not Guilty!

Give my heart a pressure test, check the temperature of my soul. The love is forever hardwired, batteries not included; my heart is insulated by the love inside. Thermo is the feeling, it will never about the Stat… us quo; this is a progressive love. The atmospheric test, used to measure the depth of my love. My heart used to display short term changes, but the new change is definitive; reflective of a long term commitment. My barometer, not broken; I no longer wonder if I truly measure up? Numerous times within my youth, I felt a love forever tugging on my heartstrings; peering endlessly into my soul. The measuring up season within my life has changed, all because God’s love forever remained the same. It was never about measuring up, but forever standing out; by what truly defines. Hot or cold, lukewarm; will never be the temperature that defines, my heart!


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