The Call!

Love, is that You; softly and tenderly calling my heart? Love your call sounds so delightful, so pleasant; but I’m not ready to answer the call. Love, don’t turn up the volume; I do hear the call. My heart is racing, my soul wants to dance for joy; it’s sweet that You called, but I’m going to have to decline the call. Oh, but love I sense that You have such a gentleness. Love I don’t feel threatened by the call, the tone of the call; it’s moving my heart, but not enough to answer!

Love I know that You’re calling me to come deeper, Love I do need to feel Your embrace. But I’m not quite ready, to open that door, I love you, but I just can’t answer the call. Love, won’t You please call back later; maybe a year, or two? Love I still have so much cleaning to do, before I can ever think of letting You in… to my heart. Love don’t even try the window, that’s dirty too. That’s not a crack You see, on the window of my painful soul; it’s a dirty stain, I can’t get off a broken heart!

Knock knock; Love, are You back to call on my heart so soon; has it already been two years? Love when I said a year or two, I really meant three or four. Love, why are You so persistent, I’m still not ready; to fully open up my heart. So Love, be patient with me just a little longer. Please, won’t You give me just a little more time? Your love is just too perfect, I don’t want a heart such as mine; to turn You off. That dirty stain, is still a blotch on my fragile heart. Love, how about if I called You when I’ve completely cleaned up my act? I can want to be worthy, enough for a love as pure like Yours!

Love, who am I kidding. This heart of mine is too broken; it will never truly be ready. Just come on in, let Your love be what makes my heart feel alive. Love I’m ready, go ahead; call me deeper, into the depth of Your heart. Love, why can’t I seem to go deeper, but how can I? Yes, my heart is free; but my mind still hasn’t let go, of the past. Love if this is as deep as I can go, then please call me higher. Love if You can’t call me any higher, at least I know: that You call me beloved. If beloved is what I am, then I can truly call You lover; of my soul. Your Love calls me into the depth of Your heart. I want Your love to be my one thing, the only voice my heart hears; deep within my soul. I am ready, absolutely willing; to answer the call!


41 thoughts on “The Call!

  1. By the time the heart gets ready … Love often doesn’t call back. Cleaning the mess to make space for love is a myth ….. It makes it’s own space ….does it’s own cleaning ….. One just needs to open the door….. Really enjoyed reading this

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  2. “God’s love is soo wonderful
    Gods love is soo wonderfull
    Oohhh wonderful love..
    So high, u can’t get over it
    So deep, u can’t get under it
    So wide, u cant go around it
    Ohh wonderful love..”
    The persistant love of God calling all of us contantly…! 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

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