The Miles!

My heart was off to the races; beating a thousand miles a minute. My young, foolish heart; thought that life was a hundred yard dash. Only to find out, that there’s hurdles along the way. I’ve tripped over my ego, a few too many times; a stumbling block, my heart failed to avoid. My ego wasn’t hurt, my foolish heart showed some bruises. It was the battles within the mind, that left my heart with a few scars. But I was strong… willed, so I dusted off my heart; a race is about endurance. Being swift, without knowing how to take a moment to breathe. That would inevitably be another scar, my heart wouldn’t allow my mind to battle, alone!

So many miles, you need faith to go the distance; along this long winding road. Going the distance, was a choice my heart had to make. All the falls, they truly made me realize. That the race has never been about the miles, but the distance; a courageous heart is truly willing to go. Even if I just limped across the finish line, it would still be a picture perfect finish. God’s love will be there waiting; well done, you were faithful. I’ve put a lot of miles on this heart, this one thing I have learned; the distance, overcome the miles. There’s no need to walk a mile, my heart is still learning; how to walk in the shoes, of a man named Jesus!

Going the distance for me, is not about putting one foot in front of the other. I determined long ago, that my heart will go the distance. Faithfulness is the hurdle, that will never be an obstacle; that trips my heart. With every little step, as the journey fortifies my love; as this heart relentlessly continues to chase. Not the pursuit for happiness, but the pursuit for a closer walk. The journey continued, every time the night; once again became the day. Life tries to tear at the fabric of your heart, trying to unravel the love within; strand by strand!

At times my soul has felt so worn, tired was the soles of my feet; but truly beautiful, has been every single step. I’ve learned how to get a grip, the anchor forever holds. My heart has endured the miles, forever seeking; digging deeper, than what I see on the surface. Whenever I fell, a love tugged on my heart strings. A love always helping me to stand, my heart needed to stay the course. My heart never once felt clothed in shame, I proudly wore the love. The number Seven, it’s on my back; the Three, that’s within my heart. Around my waist, the belt of righteousness; forever girds my soul. My heart is racing, beating a thousand miles a minute. Chasing after a love, breathlessly throughout my soul!


38 thoughts on “The Miles!

  1. Always writing fabulous piece & words. Truly the heart is what goes through it all. Physically & emotional, whatever hurdles…. It all falls on the; tiny little adamant & very beautiful persistent heart.

    Nice post dear

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