Outside Your love!

The autumn leaves are so beautiful to see, but it’s so cold outside. My skin can absolutely feel the chill within the morning air. But the beauty I see, is the sight of Your love; it leaves my heart absolutely speechless. I don’t ever want to leave, the warmth of Your love. Hold my heart, embrace it within Your love forever. It’s so cold outside, outside the warmth of Your love. So please keep my heart covered, forever tucked away; within the blanket of Your love. The very touch of Your love, it does something special to my heart; when it feels so very cold outside!

I can’t feel a thing, when my heart is completely wrapped up; wrapped up within Your presence. Your love absolutely warms my heart, Your love is snuggled up against my soul. It was a moment of adjustment in my heart, a permanent adjustment within my soul. Your love is consuming, my soul is still absolutely burning. But turn up the heat higher, make the fire ten times hotter. Until the love rises and rises, out of control within my soul. Even though the cool breeze gives off a chill within the air, my heart can not feel a thing; there’s a heat wave within my soul. Your love is crackling from the raging fire, deep within my bones!

Winter is right around the corner, and it’s poised to be extra cold; but only if I ever choose to go outside, of Your love. But that will be another moment, for Your love to turn up the heat a little higher, no need to adjust it a little at a time. My heart truly loves, the full warmth of Your love. Make my soul feel overwhelmed, even if it would surely combust; let it be, because of Your love. Your fire melts my heart, burn away any deep seeded coldness. The hot, and the cold, they surely do collide. Whenever I expose, my heart to this cold cold world. The extreme coldness will never take my breath away, Your love forever warms my heart!

Your love is the Day, the Light, the Saving grace; Time after time. Let me turn back the hands of time, fall back into Your loving arms; just to watch the stars in Your eyes. It’s so very cold outside, but choosing to stay right here; within the closeness of Your love, it’s my everything. Yes, it’s absolutely cold outside, but I truly don’t mind. Being wrapped up within Your heart, for so many years. I have truly learned how, to embrace Your presence; and how to breathe out, the undeniable warmth of Your love!


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