The Workaround!

Change is inevitable, my heart can sometimes be predictable. Your love has been so incredible, a workaround; to a foolish heart. Work out the issues within my heart, until my heart no longer has a work around; but Your love. Do a complete walk around within my heart, thoroughly check every crevice within my soul; see if I’ve truly given You my everything? If there is anything that my heart’s still holding back. Move my heart, until even my very soul; has nothing within that‘s hidden!

Eliminate every possible escape route, eliminate every workaround. Make me have to go through Your heart, to know how to love. I’m a thinker, a problem solver; an innovator. Sometimes even trying to engineer, my own work around. But I think that I’ve once and for all solved the problem. It’s my mind, that’s always trying to get between Your love, and my heart. Your love has never been the problem, it’s the solution. I need to let Your love work through my heart, and not just work around my solution based thinking!

For so long Your love has been my everything. That’s the very reason, why I can no longer let there be a work around. So, I will remove the clutter; there needs to be a clear path, to the center of my heart. I need You to forever make my heart Your home. I will let Your love completely clean house, top to bottom. Throw out every one of the insecurities, remove every last doubt. Remove the baggage, my mind needs to stop tripping. I will clean the mirror, until my heart is a true reflection; of Your love. My heart needs to truly know, that there’s absolutely no work around; to Your love!

Why should I try to get around, why would I even want to go around? Your love has been working within my heart for such a long time. Breaking down walls, remodeling my heart from the inside; making it into Your imagine. I don’t want You to ever think, that Your love has gone unnoticed. Within my heart, there will never be a work around. If my heart wants a deeper love, this can only happen; going through Your love!


34 thoughts on “The Workaround!

  1. The depth of Agape “Love” is full, it is whole and complete. To embrace it, to taste. I must be willing be remodeled, to reconstruction of the heart ♥️. Create in me a clean heart, teach me how to love you. Putting first things first.


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