Inspirational Friday; Letter, to a friend!

Good day everyone, Happy Friday. In today’s inspirational post, I would like to share three letters; titled, to a friend. To three individuals, who from the beginning; have made an impression. Each letter is a compilation of notable references, taken from shared post. I hope it will be an inspiration to you, and a blessing; to a friend!


Friday Post:

• 1st Friday: Inspirational Friday.

• 2nd Friday: Song Inspired.

• 3rd Friday: iRequest. (Starting Soon)

• 4th Friday: Fun Friday.

49 thoughts on “Inspirational Friday; Letter, to a friend!

  1. Wow, this is absolutely wonderful Warren! Can’t thank you enough for the constant and ever-green love, support and encouragement!🙏❤️

    Your beautiful piece has left me speechless and in all honesty, I am “dancing” on the 9th cloud! Wow, wow, wow! 😉

    (PS – I would love to share this on my page too, once I am done with my poetry challenge. Seeking your permission?)

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  2. Oh I now see my name. My friend this is such a beautiful dedication. I am beyond words. You are such a kind soul. If you allow me can I share this on my site. Love and blessings always. I am feeling so much humbled and grateful ❤️❤️

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  3. Woooowwww! Is that me in the last letter? I have to read it many times and had to pinch myself. Lovely words you have put together for me. I am really blessed to have a friend like you. And you know what? The background you chose for the letter is my wallpaper when my phone is locked. Thank you, Warren! Blessings to you!

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  4. Reblogged this on Ckonfab and commented:
    I always read Warren work with sparkling eyes. His work always brings sa mile, and more importantly, his work makes me believe that words like humanity and love still exist in the world. Today he chose me to amongst the three he chose to dedicate his Friday inspiration. I am humbled and grateful for his kind gesture. The middle letter in yellow is dedicated to me. Thank you, Warren. This means a lot to me

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