Your love is amazing, whenever my heart thinks; that I’ve figured You out. My heart realizes, that there’s still so many sides; to my never ending amazement, of Your love. Turn by turn, I find myself face to face; with Your splendor. I draw closer to Your heart, but at the very same time; I’m absolutely bewildered. That You would even allow my heart, to draw so close?

Your love has such height, but it’s the length and breadth; that stretches my imagination. At times I don’t think that I can measure up, but then I rise up; day after day, it’s another journey into Your heart. To overcome, is to trust forever in Your love; to not give into fear, of the unknown.

Once I get to the end of this journey, Your heart will surely be the treasure; forever worth seeking. So I press on, believe in Your worth; a love worth chasing!

In my mind’s eye, I see my way; but this is the amazing part. For me, true beauty is seen through the beauty of Your love; but that beauty, even goes beyond words. Beyond walls, beyond what I can even see. A-Maze, is still just a fraction of what I see; the ending, it’s still being written. My heart is drawn, drawn to Your love; but it’s Your heart, that holds the true mysteries!

Which parts of Your love, is my heart bold enough to explore? Finding myself lost within the presence of Your love; that in itself is an overwhelming feeling. Knowing that Your love patiently waits, for my heart to find it’s way; means it’s a love truly worth finding. So, to the center of Your love at any cost; sold out, the true test of any heart. Your love is embedded within my soul, nestled up against my heart; pulling me through. You A-Maze me, Your love is truly A-Maze-Ing. My heart will never stop, until my soul forever knows. Where Your love ends, and my heart will ever begin; to stop being utterly Amazed?


39 thoughts on “A-Maze-ing!

  1. Another beautifully written testimonial of God’s Love in contrast to His Amazing Love towards us.
    Your phrase … turn, I find myself face to face; with Your splendor. Is so beautiful to behold, as this Love is not surface, it goes beyond the veil to the place of intimacy.

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  2. WCR, your post and writings just blow me away! I hope and pray all who are broken and needing the Lord would read your posts, and experience that Love through your writing. Proverbs 18:16- A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.

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  3. What a beautiful testimony of our Father’s love! His love is truly amazing and one of a kind for no other can love us the way He loves us! 💙

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