On The Other Hand!

Every day I count the reasons, the many reasons why; my heart has stayed in love. But for some reason, I seem to lose track; whenever I get to the one millionth reason. Maybe it’s because, the one million and one reason; may just blow my mind? On the other hand, a blown mind; would never truly feel like a blown moment. One of those unbelievable reasons, is the moment my heart got to know You. The moment I got to hold Your love, ever so close to my heart. But on the other hand, maybe it’s truly because; Your love forever holds my soul, held so close to Your heart?

So many hearts, they just want to play games. Your love is not a game, but I love to play; as one with the heart of a child. Tag Your it; the love that want to relentlessly chase after my heart. But on the other hand, I can’t even HIDE; what’s in my heart. Your love, And nothing else; that’s what my heart so desperately SEEK. Your love has always been the one thing, but more and more I’ve come to realize; You’re the only love, that will truly ever know my heart. The one to whom I’ve forever given my heart. The One Love, the endless love; that won’t stop slow dancing with my heart. A love that holds my heart, within a forever embrace!

I don’t want to chase after the day, and I have no intentions of running with the night. But on the other hand, I would absolutely run all day, chase after Your heart; until the very day, once again becomes the night. On one hand I could stay put, be the man; in name only. But on the other hand, forever be a man; after Your own heart. Within Your heart is where I see my passion, in Your love is where I find my desire. So, what passion do You see; when You look into my heart? Can You see Your love, does it permeate within? On the other hand, can Your love truly be seen; does it resonate through me?

I don’t want to be a heart, trying to affect change; with one hand tied behind my back. But on the other hand, how can I truly affect anything; if others can never see that it’s by Your love, and not by my hand? Yes, every day I truly count the many reasons; but there’s two distinct reasons. On one hand, and on the other hand; I see the reason, why my heart loves You so!


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