The Edge!

Oh heart, do you have true grit, do you hope that you have what it truly takes; to keep from falling off the edge? Go ahead, grit your teeth; it’s time to dig in, not the time to give up. Oh heart are you just going to sit at the edge of your seat, and do what grandma used to say; are you going to sit by, and do nothing? Heart you can rant about all your problems, you can completely close your eyes; pretend you can’t see, just never close your heart. Use your spiritual eyes to see, faith is still the substance; hope is still the evidence of things unseen!

Heart you didn’t come this far, to just hang on for dear life; clinging to the end of your faith? Your heart has come too far, to live on the edge; of a love that moves mountains. Over the years you’ve learned, to be as tough as nails, but you know this one simple truth. Even a nail can bend, if the blow that it receives; strikes a little bit on the edge, and it starts to bend at the depth of its core. Don’t get it twisted, the nail has already been removed. So, I will forever fasten my heart, to the truth of God’s love. And whenever the hammer falls, being on the edge; will never truly shake my core foundation!

I don’t want to be a man living on the edge, this heart of mine; is on the edge of a profound moment. Living on the edge, it can make you feel like ringing the bell; and just give up. It’s not the time for my heart to ring out, walk away from the truth; and let lost hearts, fade away into the darkness. Life can feel like a jungle, sometimes I even wonder how I keep from going under; trying not to lose my mind. I never want to become a man on the edge, on the edge of losing it all. I don’t desire to gain the whole world, I’ve already gained a new perspective; my heart has a new identity!

That’s why, I don’t live on the edge; I have a love that keeps my heart grounded. An anchor that forever holds, in the here, and the now. Why should any heart ever be on the edge, when there’s a love; that will set your heart on top of the world. No one will ever be able to drag my heart kicking and screaming, no one can ever push me over. No amount of darkness, will ever blind my heart; in an attempt to cloud my judgement. My only desire, is to fall in love again and again; with the lover of my soul. Look into my heart, catch me I’m falling; deeper in love; with You day after day. What else, does my heart; truly have to cling to?


26 thoughts on “The Edge!

  1. God’s love is an anchor which prevents you from falling over the edge..beautiful!!
    Loved the line when you say why should the heart be on the edge when it can be on top of the world. Very thought provoking and deep. Thanks Warren for inspiring with your woderful posts always!

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