My Every Breath?

How, how could I ever attempt to breathe; without You? You are the air, that moves within my lungs. I simply can’t, and I simply wouldn’t; try to attempt such a feat. Your love is my life, my very lifeline; the life that moves within every beat of my heart. Every single day I ask my heart just one question; are you crazy like a fox? I couldn’t even imagine, or could even begin to think; about a life without Your love!

Crazy is as crazy does, but that kind of crazy; wouldn’t even sense; to think that you could possibly breathe on your own. Foxes have dens, birds have nests. So, why would I ever want to fall out of love, with a heart teaching my soul how to soar. Just to fall into a den of thieves, trying to steal my every breath. Heart, take a moment to breathe that all in. Resuscitation is possible, but let every deep breath of this love; be what forever moves your soul.

Your love takes my breath, but yet Your love is what helps me to breathe. Your love is the breath within my heart, the love that breathes throughout my soul. I live and breathe, only because Your love is the air; the love that makes a heart feel truly alive. I couldn’t live, much less to even try to breathe; without Your love. Oh my soul, take a deep breath; but exhale only when your heart knows. To live your life through a deeper love; then you will truly be able to love, the life you get to live. If it happens to forever take your breath, living will now begin; because you finally know how to breathe!

So how, how could I give You less of my love, when my heart wants to give You my every breath? They say less is more, but less of Your love. Could never give my heart more of the air, my soul simply needs to breathe. How, if I don’t forever make Your love; My Every Breath?


37 thoughts on “My Every Breath?

  1. Good morning dear,

    I have nominated you for the “Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award”, Please accept it and nominated others for this beautiful award. Bring dynamics stage of developmental process to all.


    Thank you so much for sharing your time for doing it.

    Pardon me for causing inconvenience .

    Best regards

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      1. Good morning dear, please take your time, it is not an issue at all, i forward to hear from you, thank you so much for your message . Best regards sks

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