Song Inspired; Somebody’s Angel.

It goes without saying; this is truly the best time of the year. For most of us, that’s how it feels; but how about the ones left hurting? So many people are looking, for just a glimpse of hope, but what they feel is the coldness; coming from within so many hearts. We have it within us to be a light, a light shining within the darkness; showing the true meaning of Christmas. A chance for you to show you truly care, a moment for you to be inspired; to be a heart forever changed. We all need love, we all need hope; not only at Christmas. We’re all very much able, to be that light!

So, take the time, not tomorrow; make it today. The day we get to see, is the only day truly promised. To show love, give a little hope; to spread some joy. Even if it’s RANDOM, at least you were willing to ACT. When it becomes Intentional, hearts are truly changed; just by the KINDNESS, be that shining light. The true gift, of Christmas; will never be about getting, but giving. If every day could be Christmas, what a wonderful world it would be; to be Somebody’s angel. Don’t fill your schedule with so much busyness, until getting stuff; becomes the rush!

I have a wish this Christmas, don’t just say; we wish you a Merry Christmas. In between the sleigh rides, baking Christmas cookies; rocking around the Christmas tree, be a bit more conscious. The season is about giving, sharing; make it be one of your favorite things, my One Wish. Show somebody the true meaning, show them the heart of Christmas; we’re all able. Don’t miss it, don’t miss the chance to show; the true meaning of Christmas. This Christmas, change a life, move a heart; bless a forgotten soul. Be a shining light, You just might be; Somebody’s Christmas Angel.

This Christmas song, is performed by Mandisa. She is an American gospel and contemporary Christian recording artist. Her career began in 2006, as a contestant in the fifth season of American Idol; in which she finished in ninth place, I watched the entire season. Check out her music, I personally have twelve of her songs in my music library!

#BeInspired! #TheReason! #HeartChange!


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