The Whether!

Before I call, before I ever shed a single tear; my heart already knows, Your love is the answer. The shelter, the hiding place. Some days the thunder roars, the days collide. It’s a true challenge, trying to outrun the storms; trying to withstand the tidal wave, crashing against my heart. With every step forward, the wind beats against my faith; but the anchor holds. But it’s the rain, that sometimes won’t stop falling; from my eyes. But there’s a ray, a light; hope. The sun will shine again, after every downpour; after the rain!

The whether WILL subside, raise your hope; hold on to your faith, that the anchor will forever hold. Forever trust, that your heart is still covered; under the canopy. Some days the world can be bitterly cold. The coldness has always been there, but the bitterness; can leave a lasting chill, within your bones. Whether you believe, or whether you have doubts; that the warmth will some day return? The Son will surely return, let your light shine; warm the world with your light. Keep your hope raised, never let go of your faith; forever trust. Get swept up within a love, fierce like a hurricane. It will relentlessly seek you out, forever chase after your heart. Don’t get it twisted, the overwhelming gentleness; what your heart won’t be able to escape!

When you come face to face, let the love set your soul free; let it take your heart higher; where a heart learns how to soar. Even though the whether of doubts still lingers, through it all; it will never let you fall, to pieces. Whether or not you believe, Inquire about the love; investigate the gentle stories about the hurricane. Your heart will truly be free, to forever embrace the truth. Say goodbye to the thunder, to the storms; to the wind that beats. To the crashing tidal waves, to the rain that won’t stop falling; let peace be the stillness. Be no longer undecided with your heart, choose to forever remember. When it comes to the Weather, don’t let it become the element; manifesting within your heart!


16 thoughts on “The Whether!

  1. We were thinking on the same weather vane today! Check out my post lol…like the Lord whispered to the both of us the same thing! God bless you! (It’s moments like these that make writing for the Lord all the more exciting!)

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