Can We Meet Again?

I don’t want to go back to the place where it all began, it‘s not the place that’s worth remembering; but a moment I will never forget. I was young, very much in love. But still had so much to learn, about being forever in love; in the true sense of the word.

My love was strong, but now stronger than ever. I will meet You where You are, right where You’ve always been. Not to reminisce about yesterday, won’t say maybe tomorrow; today is all I have, can we meet again!

Can we rendezvous, in our secret place; my heart, all I have to bring. O.C.D will not control the narrative, but I still hope; to truly leave nothing unsaid, can we meet? I will do my best to listen, I just want to hear Your heart; what does Your love have to say? I will wait right here, be still and know; even if it means forever, let forever be the place. Your heart is worth the wait, Your love is all I need. Being close to Your heart, the only desire; can You meet me again!

I need You to meet me here, all I want; all You are, will You meet me here? I will walk through the valley, fight pass all the shadows. I’m no longer a slave to fear; fear of the unknown, is not knowing Your heart. Your love is what I run to, my heart needs to go through the valley; to show the test of true faith. Your love has never failed to meet me, right in the middle of the valley; I realized without a shadow of a doubt. I can’t remember a moment, can’t even recall a second; that You’ve ever forsaken to meet. So I promise, to never forsake Your love; can we meet, again!

The place where my soul was forever moved, the place where our love is strengthened; the place where the passion, truly comes alive. Here I am, please come. I promise my love will be devoted, and my heart; forever Yours! Every day these dry bones are awakened, but every day; there’s still a thirst, Your love is what makes them not become brittle. You never disappoint, whenever I have a need; Your love never fails to meet, You’re always on time. Can we meet again, You know the place; it’s within my heart!


25 thoughts on “Can We Meet Again?

  1. This is truly amazing and a Love so beautifully expressed.
    Straight from the heart,
    Every line is perfect, each word so true. There is no doubt you shall be one & meet together!!
    We done Warren🙏
    InHisCare 😊🙏💜

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