The Rebel!

I confess, I’m a rebel; bonafide! The cause, resistance at all cost. Each day I rise, rise up in opposition; to mount a rebellion. My heart will not conform, my soul is armed with the sword. A clearly outlined strategy, on how to resist; “the so called ruler of this world.” I’ve spent years working on my big guns, hope and faith; this warfare is spiritual, not physical. I will proclaim to him (the ruler), that I am the real deal; a rebel to the core, born to resist. Let the enemy know, I come with authority. This rebel will speak with boldness, and forever speak God’s truth!

This is war, left right, left right; the sound of a man. A Christian soldier, unapologetic to the cause. An insurrectionist, a resistance fighter; forever rebellious. Resistance will never be futile, my heart refuses to be assimilated; freedom came with a cost. I was born to be a maverick, an Independent thinker. Don’t ever mistake my silence, for weakness; silent rivers run deep. My heart was predestined, to challenge the norm. A heart of a warrior, cannot affect true change; without first willing to be a revolutionist. A loyal insurgent, taking thoughts captive. Taking back territory, influencing hearts and minds!

Opposer, shots fired; you’ve been warned. I’ve done my opposition research, read in on the best strategies; what’s needed to have a successful strategic warfare, praise is my weapon. The struggle is real, with the flesh; not within my heart. I don’t come in my own strength, or with guns blazing; I come with a heart exposed. This is not just about being rebellious, not just about taking back territory. This is about a takeover, of a love in relentless pursuit of my heart and soul. Surrender wasn’t the Option, it was a Choice. I can’t even call it a take over, my heart chose complete surrender!

The mandate; fight the good fight, tread upon serpents; resist and he shall flee, seven ways. I will never justify my rebellion, this is about taking possession; to seize what has been stolen, or forfeit by default. Opposer, your tactics, and my heart will forever be at odds. When it’s all said and done, I will enter into my rest; not with a brave, but a faithful heart!


49 thoughts on “The Rebel!

  1. I love it. By faith I know we are on the same path. A path which calls for much resistance, unfortunately many are giving in to the enemy and his tactics. I too, not through my strength, but through the strength of my Savior will never give in. I pray that others will come to their senses to see what they are up against and to see that they are suffering unnecessarily. Keep fighting the good fight. One day soon the battle will be over.

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