Fun Friday; “What’s Gotten Into You?”

Two friends, Joe and David; were hanging out the other day. Out of the blue; Joe made a fist, and punched David. When David asked Joe why he did that, Joe said; the devil in me made me do it. Okay, David said, I forgive you; I will pray for you. A few minutes later, Joe punched David again for no reason. Joe immediately Apologized; I’m so sorry David, the devil is strong in me today. Yeah, I know David said; the devil had a hold on me, he made me do things I didn’t want to do. So Joe said, thanks for your understanding David!

But a few minutes later, as David was drinking some of Joe’s Kool-aid, it happened again. At this point David was really frustrated. He turned towards Joe so fast, that it startled him; causing him to fall off his chair.Then, without any warning; David stood over Joe, and for a couple seconds put his foot on Joe. This totally caught Joe off guard, and he just looked at David for a moment. Then said; wow David, the devil is really working overtime in you too? No, David said; that was all my doing. You know I’m a Christian, the devil has no hold on me anymore!

Very puzzled, Joe asked; then why did you make me fall off my chair? Well, Joe; even though I’m a Christian; I still sometimes struggle with anger issues, but God is doing a new thing within my heart. I’m not as bad as I used to be, but until He’s done; I will continue to pray for both of us. But whenever the spirit moves me, I will still have to rebuke the devil in you. Every time he forgets, and needs me to demonstrate; that he’s supposed to be under my feet. Joe, we will always be close; my brother from another mother. But I will be vigilant, will always be on the lookout. Just in case the devil in you, tries to pick another fight; and once again, needs to be put in his place!


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