iPray; Not For A Moment!

Father, even after all Your children have done; Your heart is still so patient; so loving. So many, haven’t learned a simple truth; to let the peace of God, rule over our heart. Darkness is again trying to cover the earth. Many in the world don’t seem to be bothered, by the darkness, the lawlessness. May Your commandment be the firm foundation, that once again governs our hearts. But You are still so good, sovereign, holy; faithful. Your promise still holds true; that You will Never Forsake, Not For A Moment!

Father, do we have the heart; to love You, the way You want us to? iPray we all do, iPray we have the courage; You deserve our Hallelujah. Getting to know Your heart, may that forever be our passion. Within these darkened days, help us to securely anchor our faith; not in each other, but Your love. So many are searching for something, so many are excepting of everything. But if we don’t have Your love, we truly have nothing; worth having. You have never stopped loving us, No; Not For A Moment!

Father, help us to see, not with eyes; but with our hearts; to see Your love, within the darkness. iPray with all our seeking, we pursue only one thing; Your heart. For when we seek Your heart, we would truly realize; Your love for us, is deeper than we can ever imagine. May we forever draw closer to You, get lost within Your love; find ourselves, within Your heart. There is no us, no me; no tomorrow, without You. We can do nothing, we are truly nothing; without You. Even if we choose to exercise our free will, Your love will never change; Not Even, For A Moment!

Daddy, iPray for the world, for all those on WordPress. Trying to inspire, but may You use each word; to help change hearts. May Your kingdom come, Your will be done. If we look to You, we will surely find You; moving within our midst. Good Good Father, I Love You, I do. May we forever seek Your heart, to come face to face; with Your love. In 2019, and every year thereafter! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


31 thoughts on “iPray; Not For A Moment!

  1. A father exalted surely heavenly imagine what a mother’s love is for her children how massive and ingrained the lord didn’t put heaven under her feet for no reason love of parents may they live in peace amen

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  2. Amen, Amen, and Amen. I think many are searching, but the problem is that they are searching by sight, and also depending on their own strength. I join you in praying that many will see God with their hearts, that they will believe more in the unseen than the seen, and that faith will take hold in many hearts, because this world is growing darker and darker with each passing day.

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