Silent River!

Silent, the quietness underneath, the deepness within; the silent river. The calmness beneath, the stillness within; the depth being measured. Be seen and not heard, the art of not making a sound; my heart was skilled within the art. Strength but yet silent, movement, but yet not heard. Strong, silent; but yet the type that runs deep, a silent river!

Many rivers, many years; many moons ago; since my heart encountered an ocean. Love, love was the sight, but at first; the feeling was what gave sight, to a love with unfathomable depth. So the river within set course, the destination; deeper. A heart once introverted, now expressive. A river once silent, now flow within an ocean; a heart on a journey to find. The boldness, the confident; found within the true depth. Ocean, Your heavenly presence; moves this once silent river!

The height, the depth, the length, the breadth of this ocean; deeper than my soul can see, but calling me deeper. A silent river, was never meant to be my destiny. The hush was the rush, the silence turned into a presence; a love moving within every breath of my heart. Rushing into the depth of the innermost, taking my soul deeper. Gasping to give every breath, wanting to forever be overwhelmed; from a love that now floods my soul. The love that forever broke the silence, within a once silent river!

The perfect storm, when a silent river; collided with a gentle ocean. A heart led by the still waters; a river runs through the silence. It’s the purpose, that gives a silent river resilience; true power, to affect change. Within the heart of the river, with nothing now left unsaid. Speechless, what has now become; the love deep within. A love that flows, a river that now takes moments of silence; to say a silent prayer, within the waves of glory. What is love, if a heart cannot describe; what it truly means? I am strong, I am silent, I am the river; with a purpose. To be submerged, deep within an ocean!


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