Do They Get It?

If You were to ever hide, my heart would move heaven and earth; to seek is to find. Wherever Your love goes, my heart will forever follow; relentlessly chase after Your love. Sometimes I’m absolutely beside myself, to know how ridiculously Your love wants to be a part of my heart. Do they even get it, they probably don’t yet get; what my heart’s been trying say? Maybe it’s beyond a normal comprehension, maybe no one else should truly ever get it; what this love truly means to me. I stopped a long time ago, chasing after things; I just want to chase after Your heart!

Writing about this love, has become the passion; that flows deep within. My heart can speak about this love, my soul can express the depth. But every day I realize, this love is not just my air; but my every breath. From the moment I rise, to the very moment I lay me down to sleep; I need this love to breathe. My affections is for You, Your love is not a figment of my dreams; but a presence, within the depth of my soul. I want to know You, not only in text, not just as a feeling; that passes through my heart like the wind. But feel Your love as it hovers, throughout the innermost parts of my soul; can anyone ever get that?

We’ve been through so much, this life, this journey, this heart; this love, didn’t get like this overnight. This love to some might seem crazy, it’s been an adventure; discovering the true depth of Your heart. My whole life, I‘ve never had a need for alcohol or drugs. Your love is my rush, the thrill that would sustain my heart; for a thousand lifetimes, do they get it? Your love is now, and will forever be; the only desire, my heart will ever need. A love that has captured, truly inspires. Even the ripples, overwhelms my heart and soul; within Your ocean of love, do they get it? Simply put, You wanted a relationship; but my heart, wanted a love affair!

My heart is captivated, but my soul says; beyond captivating. A heart forever captured, a soul free; but wrapped up, tied up, tangled up. It’s not about freeing the mind, but the freedom within my soul; that truly makes my heart free, to be unapologetic about the love within. I hope, that hearts who are on the similar journey, can truly get it? To have a heart that’s not just chasing, but eagerly pursuing. As for me and my heart, I’m going to spend the rest of my days; tiredly chasing after Your heart. Your love was the whisper; that broke through the silence, within my heart. A soul that now writes a love story, about this poetic love!


34 thoughts on “Do They Get It?

  1. not about freeing the mind, but the freedom within my soul; that truly makes my heart free, to be unapologetic about the love with in………….such amazingly strong, sure, confident and loving words!

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  2. Reblogged this on yonniewordpresscom and commented:
    Warren Richards has done it again. Pay-It-Forward Thursday was too far out to wait to share!!! It’s so Free….,
    Excellent, what a deeply intoxicating descriptive and beautifully written expression of Love💜!
    It is just lovely, so full of passion.



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