Unmovable, the rock on whom I stand; immovable. My firm foundation, a love; that shall never be moved. Nestled up against my heart, how my soul finds rest. A love wrapped up tight around my soul, how my heart learned to breathe. Locked up immovable within my soul, the immovable love locked up forever; safe, no thief can ever break in, or steal this immovable love. A heavy heart, burdens too heavy to bear, a weight that was lifted; locked up safe, within the immovable love!

My soul is deeply rooted, riveted, immovable; forever anchored, to this unwavering love. Steadfast, the rhythm of my heart. Every single heartbeat, stead; how it goes. My heart is determined, and my soul will never be moved. A heart resolute, but unbending. Broken at times, but uncompromising; to the truth I hold dear. This immovable love, is a fortress, a strong tower. An everlasting love, The Rock; higher than I. A love, unrelenting, a love that still wants to be close; to our strong-willed hearts. A love dead set, a love willing to prove, willing to show; how great a love, immovable!

A love like a lamp post, always there; to shine within the darkness. Shining ever so bright, a light no shadow can ever deny. The lighthouse; fixed, forever secure. A beacon of hope, when a heart is lost; when the fog is life, the journey. Stability for your heart, when the shadows overwhelms the soul. Find safety upon the rock, within the cliffs. Stand upon the firm foundation, be unmovable; forevermore. Let your gaze be forever, let your love be unyielding; immovable. Be a heart restrained, but a soul forever moved. A love reserved, but a heart relentless. Give chase, but be immovable. Anchor your soul to the unshifting, the never changing; the solid rock, the immovable love!

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