Poetry, In eMotion!

The I AM within, has turned my heart into a poet. A poetic love, moving within my every eMotion. So how, how can my heart ever dream; of being separated, from the Great I AM. There will never again be a day, that I will close my eyes; and just call it a daydream. For Your love, is the poetry within every strong emotion. A heart so often moved, to tears. How could there ever be a I, before U? Every single Y, and O; will never truly be complete, if I don’t forever include…. For without U, I am truly nothing. So, I will forever try my best; to remove the I, from my heart’s vocabulary. Until all that can truly be seen, is just U; the poetry, within my every eMotion!

I have made a choice, to let Your love move within. Every day I choose, to let Your love continue to move me, move throughout my soul. Someday’s I may be over my head, but that’s exactly where my soul truly needs to be. How a heart discovers true closeness. A soul captured by waves of eMotions, within a love that truly moves. A heart now on a journey, to find the deeper meaning; love. A truer understanding, how to be; loved. One thing I have discovered, one has to learn how to die to self; to know the true depth, within. How this silent river, got swept away; by an ocean of love. A heart predestined, to be drowned within. To know how to move, be moved; live, breathe. It was an embrace, the need to know; the poetry, in every eMotion!

Love, I just can’t seem to escape Your presence, it surrounds my soul. A give up, a give in; to Your loving embrace. Arrest my heart, if the crime is; lack of passion. Judge my soul, with Your true poetic justice. A love so gentle, to such a fragile heart. Move me with the strength of Your love, take my soul deeper. Oh love, please wait for just a moment. The movement of Your love, so poetic; I just need a moment to take it all in. Your love is the poetry, that provokes much eMotion. The poetry, I try to give my every breath. The give back, nothing but; Your complete love. A love that moves my heart, a perfect poetic eMotion; captured within the love!

A heart constantly being shifted, a heart desperately trying to capture; every bit of this love. Sleep isn’t even a moment of rest, but a state where my soul can be still; to hear whispers of love. A moment in time for a heart to dream, about a deeper love; within a momentary time of rest. Even within the quietness, the motionless state of heart. So, how can I ever think that I can remain at the very same place; when I’m constantly being moved? It’s impossible to move forward, if I’m first not forever willing to be moved; by Your love. My heart is always writing, trying to capture every word, spoken into my heart. There’s twenty four hours in a day, but even a thousand years would never be enough. To pen down the true poetic depth, Poetry in Motion; in every single Poetic eMotion, of Love!


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