Song Inspired; Hello!

Hello, it’s me… myself, I… love You. Needed to get that off my chest, to give my heart another moment to breathe… in more of Your love. Can I Ask, actually; I’m here to Seek. Well, truth be told; it’s a constant Knock… on the door of Your heart, Your love is so inviting. Hello, is it me You’re looking for? I think so, You’re asking my heart; to write a love story. Yes, forever use my heart. But the question is this, will they truly get it? The Poetry in eMotion, are not just pretty words. The rhythm and the rhyme, yes it comes from the heart; but through a soul, attached forever to a vine. The growth, what truly makes this a Poetic Love!

Hello… can anybody hear me? When I was young I used to wonder. Yes, sometimes in my mind I would imagine; if my heart would truly know love? But now I don’t just know, I have a love that hovers; over the surface of the deep… er places of my soul. I don’t have to imagine anymore, every day is now a dream. Every new dawn, is a moment to kiss upon this love. Mmm… Hello; must have been, at least a thousand times. This love has so much substance. Your heart shows through Your love, I feel it within just a smile; it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Life is short, so for You; going to live it well!

Hello, but first it’s confession time. My love has passed outside Your heart so many times. I wouldn’t call it stocking. In Your presence, my heart was just so lost for words. How could my heart truly speak, Your love is speechless. Your love is an ocean, and I Was… a silent river. Hello… can You hear me; WAS, not anymore! My heart was once so blind… to the true depth of Your love, but now I see; how it’s my everything. A heart open wide, Your love always knows just what to say. My heart now knows just what to do, say Hello!

Your love is the sunlight in the dark, the air when it’s hard to breathe. I know how much You care, but what I’m here to tell the world; how much I love You… Hello. Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow. So, forever tell me how to always win Your heart. Just so some days, I don’t have to tell my heart; Sure-look, get a clue. Way-maker, You have made a way for my love; to come knocking at Your heart. Even though I speak with the tongue, I will forever speak from the heart. I absolutely need to tell You; Your love, had my heart… at Hello!

• This song Inspired, is one of my favorite song. It was released in 1983, written and sung; by Lionel Richie!

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