Song Inspired; I Need You!

I don’t need much, my soul is truly content… with just breath. My heart is what has the desire, all my heart truly needs… just You. I can get by with little sleep, Your love keeps my heart wide open… to see the true splendor. But my soul would be truly restless, if Your love wasn’t my peace. I can do without food, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an appetite; I Need You. Your love is my daily portion, Your heart what I constantly feast on. I don’t desire money, wealth or even riches. What’s truly profitable for every heart, the love within. The true wealth of the soul, the life forever found… within the richness of Your love. Becoming a man after Your own heart, my desire!

In my youth, my heart knew it needed something. Later in life I realized, the something; was a someone, I needed You. When I thought something was missing, when I thought something seemed broken. Within the quietness, within the silent river; my heart knew You. Within the depth, as the silence was running deep. My heart was flowing, through an ocean; Your love rescued me. Mercy said no, not this one; this heart is predestined. All I’ve ever wanted, all I’ve truly ever needed. Comes down to my heart and soul, what Your love truly means to me. What I have, is everything my heart will truly ever need; Just You!

Your love became my freedom, my water, my air; my every breath. Your love is the only truth, my heart can believe in. You are my heart, Your love is… the forever reign. The only reason why my heart, even knows how to breathe; but a soul waiting… to exhale. Your heart is my hope, Your love what gives my heart the courage; to step out, to walk. Your love is the water, but my faith… in You. When this world, tries to blow my mind. My heart never fails to remember, You are the wind; so I take a breath. My soul would never want to turn back, from a love so amazing. The desire, to let Your love mold a true heart of flesh; and never let it ever become… a pillar of salt. Your love has my back, but will forever have my heart; I Need You!

“I Need You,” is a song recorded in: 1998. Released: July 18, 2000, and performed by American country, pop artist, LeAnn Rimes.

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