De… vices!

Why does our hearts, cling tight to so many devices; as if our life depended on it? Is it so we can affect change, or just to be affected; by the changes… happening within our hearts? Oh me, oh my, these devices are so fragile. Without any warning, shattered… lives, hearts; too wrapped up in the materialistic. Don’t let vices, get in the way… of what truly matters. Focus on how real love, can forever transcend the heart. Everybody wants you to; like this, follow that. Spoiler alert, my story is not about who I Like; but whom I Love. The only thing that can give a heart true happiness. When it’s a change of not just perspective, but true change… within the heart and soul!

Please don’t get my heart twisted, devices are very useful; it’s a Vice that can squeeze the life, out of a unexpected soul. Stay connected, share your world, keep in touch. But at the same time, make sure you use real love… to touch a heart. Devices can help you to, “keeping up with the Jones.” But for so many, it’s all about; “keeping up socially.” If life is not truly about sharing the love, and not about just the likes. When the focus is just on the, iThis, or the iThat. When we truly fail to make it also about, “what others need;” and not just about what, “iWant.” Therefore devices have truly become, about absolutely meaningless things!

Yes, the iPhone, the iTouch, the iPad… mini; are how iConnect… to words of truth. But I still need to daily wipe clean my mind. Clear all the junk, all the unnecessary clutter; trying to clog up the heart and soul. So there’s a true opportunity, to reconnect, to be touched; by a love that transforms. Whenever the need, is to say what’s on my heart; it’s a call… to the lover of my soul. Never a dropped call, never a bad connection. The only device ever needed, a heart connection; a soul connected… to the main line. Don’t ever let devices, become what they should never be; “vices!”

When push and shove comes together, let your soul desire; the real face to face. It’s not about some FaceTime, but a moment for some real time; heart to heart. Life has lots of distractions, just don’t allow them to get all your attention. Make it about the here, the now; moments of reflections. Devices should never take the place, of true interaction. Cast your De… vices, take hold of God’s heart. Devices will help you get connected, but they’re only a point of contact. So, why would you ever allow any device, to monopolize true affection? Let your heart be totally fixated… on His Amazing Love, and not just discardable; De… vices!


27 thoughts on “De… vices!

  1. Amen Warren! We definitely need time to unplug! I was just telling our kids this weekend about using our technology as a tool and not letting it dominate our lives. We always have a time where we put the devices away and spend time with each other, especially at dinner. I want to look into my wife and kid’s eyes and talk to them and hug them and spend real time together. I am thankful for technology, but you are right, we need to be careful that it does not become an idol in our lives. God bless sir!

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  2. Agree with you on devices and vices. We have to connect face to face, not on facebook with so many obscure people who hide their identity. Connect to the Truth HIS Truth and ways. HIS ways do not need a device, HE manifested our soul so we do not required to plug in and charge up.

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