Crazy Love

• If I was to tell everyone, I see Your love in everything. In the sun, the moon, the stars above. In a rose petal, in my every breath; “would anyone truly think, I’m crazy?”

• I have a love within my heart. If I was to tell everyone, that it’s what gives me faith, the strength to move mountains; “would they just consider it as simply, crazy faith?”

• If I took a leap of faith, trusting that Your love would always be there to catch my heart; “would that fall in the phrase known these days as; “cray cray!”

• If my love seems so crazy, truly weird, more than a bit over the top; “would my heart be labeled as… extreme?” They can call me mad, they can forever call me crazy. They can call it unhealthy, they can say I’m unhinged; completely out of my mind. But this crazy heart of mine, will never ever stop feeling this way. Lock up my heart, go ahead and throw away the key. You can never ever chain up a soul, forever set free!

The world can think I’m absolutely; “Kookoo… for Cocoa Puffs!” For my soul, it’s a daily feast; on the words coming out of Your heart. Don’t think it’s crazy, this kind of Crazy Love; does so much for my beating heart. There have been times in the past, when I couldn’t wrap my mind around…. the way my heart felt. A heart gung-ho, but a soul still learning… how to go deeper. I don’t expect that anyone, especially someone with a rational heart; would truly understand this? So, would anyone ever question my mental health, if I kept saying; “You are the wind, the love that moves my heart?” They can call this crazy talk, but this real talk… from the heart. What would they truly say, if again iRepeat; You are the wind, the love that has my heart. I breathe, because You move. I live, because You are… the air I breathe!

A heart trying to live pure, harmless as a dove; crazy… in love. A soul untainted, by what they want to call sight, and sound. My heart sees everything You are, and hears all the love You speak. So the question is, what will they truly call a heart; Sold Out… for You? To the untrained heart, these kinds of thoughts; can be seen as dangerous? But what else would you truly call a man, that thinks like this? My mind is absolutely compelled, to do whatever my heart says. My heart will never be worried, about being labeled. Many have tried, to put my heart in a cute little box. A mind can never fathom a love, only revealed… to an open heart. A devoted enthusiast, will always have their heart mistaken… for crazy. People will always label you crazy, “when they just can’t understand, what matters to a heart. A heart enamored with, passionate to, smitten by… a love truly Devine!


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