Love; The Color!

What is the color of love? Is it strong, is it vibrant? Is it a color so warm, that it melts your heart? Is it soft, and gentle; is love a tender feeling? Is the color of love a fragrance, a tantalizing aroma? Does it smell so sweet, that even the mere scent… captivates the imagination? Does the color of love have the strength, to shift your heart? Is it powerful enough, to forever move your soul? Moves you so much, your heart can paint a picture; the true color of love? Is it a color, that changes over time; or a color, that can stand the whether… time will change the love within? Roses are red, violets are blue. Grey and black, are not colors. So don’t throw shade, on someone else’s dream!

Is your color of love a delicate flower, pure like the heart of a child? Ring around the rosies, a pocket full of posies; can never change a soul. A heart focusing on the wrong color, is like a soul filled with pretty dandelions; but the love for… snuffed out. Is the color of love, bold enough to catch your eyes? Does your heart capture only a glimpse, or a forever gaze? Does the color of love shimmer, does it shine bright… even in the midnight hour? Does the color of love sparkle, does it spark a creative edge? Does your heart truly know, what is the true color… of love? Does the true beauty resonate, does it impress upon the heart? Does it linger endlessly, within a colorful soul. Can your heart see true reflections, the beauty that lies… within every tomorrow?

Is your color of love just a pastel, or does it show through; as a work of art? Are you moved, by the deep colors of love? Is your heart content with a love, looking like just a glazed over colored surface? The colors that moves you, doesn’t have to resemble a masterpiece; just a genuine depiction. Is the color of love fascinating to the mind, but barely noticeable… to the heart? Is the color of love a feeling, is it just an emotion; or the essence… of true affection? Some colors of love are painted on glass, but the surface so fragile. Even though a rose colored glass, can make things seem a bit too blurred. Don’t allow the love for, to be easily broken!

Is your love just a pattern to follow, or a love patterned after a true design? Is it just a collection, a collage of different interpretations; but the picture still seems unclear? So many kinds of love are colorful, but the real color faded away; the love wasn’t true. Love can change, even if the love becomes a darker shade of blue? Don’t let the true beauty with the color of love, change within your heart and soul. Love has a feeling, love has a powerful name; love has… a forever presence. Deep within your soul, does your love reflect a heart; draped in the color of true royalty? The hope, that your heart doesn’t just see shades, but the true color of love. What is your color, what do you call love; what does love truly means to you? A question, for the soul. A question, only your heart… can truly answer!


33 thoughts on “Love; The Color!

  1. The colour of love what is it? So many shades to chose from all positive, from bold passionate colours released in relationships, cool soothing colours in communication and calming, Pure White God’s Soul Love pure without taints. The beautiful hues which flow in and out of our vision from nature.

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  2. Wow, this is deep. Each love has a different color, at least for me, my love for God is deep red, love for a friend is a calming blue and the color changes for the one I love as the mood swings from hello to see you later…

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