Hearts… in Bloom!

Smell the flowers, a kiss upon the two-lips. Roses are red, violets… a wonderful shade of blue. Oh, how I love you. Spring has sprung, a forever love… for my May flower. Love, is a fragrance, a sweet smelling perfume. True love overwhelms, but will forever excite… a heart. A soul bursting with love for, a heart forever in love with… Raindrops on roses, true showers of blessings. A heart joyfully singing, in the forever reign. The wind blows, the sun forever shines; when hearts truly embrace the dawn. A moment to stop to smell the roses, within a graceful breeze. Summer loving, but a soul truly flourishing; Hearts… in Bloom!

Within a presence so ultraviolet, a love absolutely radiant. Your love is the moon, the sun, the stars. You are the wind, a love forever dancing with my heart; moving every breath within my soul. You are my heart, Your love the heartbeat. I give You my soul, so every heartbeat can know the true breadth. Take my eyes, let my soul… forever see into Your love. My gentle love, tell me this. Is my heart such and such, or just so and so? Does my soul speak volumes, or is the love within… a mere whisper? Oh, wonโ€™t You please lend me Your ear? Teach my love how to speak, to only Your heart. Roses bloom, but a heart will forever flourish; underneath the purple reign. A soul drenched in a scarlet love, forever; Hearts… in Bloom!


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