In Tune!

When a heart is not in tune, it cannot differentiate between a heart that just beats; from a rhythm that truly moves. One sound, is not about just hearing a heart beat; but a soul also knowing how to see… a movement. A heart needs to have sight, to go beyond what is just sounds… good. Sometimes the tone feels good, but the heart and soul not in tune. A heart can be tone deaf, when a heart is unable to perceive. The difference between the breadth, and the true characteristics… of what is a real love. There is a certain pitch, that most heart have clearly heard. But the soul still needs to know, how to accurately interpret. Real love hums a distinct melody, but Devine love forever a song; when a heart is in tune!

The heart is an instrument, it may not always be in tune; but the tone should always be recognizable. The sound a heart makes can paint a picture, but not all with… The Color of Love. Thankfully, hearts have the ability to adjust; but only if the moment hasn’t become a missed opportunity. To not just notice the change within the mind, but to see the change take place… within the heart. One can change their mind, but without a change of heart; the love wouldn’t truly resonate. Without taking a moment to reflect, or giving the heart a chance to adapt; becomes a change without purpose. The heart and soul cannot become finely tuned, if being in tune… serves no greater purpose. A heart trying to demonstrate the love being heard, but for some the heartbeat becomes so erratic; a soul still not knowing the true depth. Love can produce a strong eMotion, but for a soul to truly sing and shout. There has to be the In Tune, to have a true heart connection!


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