Double Dutch!

Hearts tell me, why the hesitation; “are you waiting for the perfect moment?” They say that timing is everything, but even if you time it just right. Your heart just might miss the moment, given for your soul… to take a leap of faith; for your heart to forever jump for joy. Oh, but once you get in, the heart and soul needs to know; it’s not about the jump and shout. Don’t let your heart get bound up, don’t let your soul get tangled up; in a distracting legalistic mindset. Your heart was loosed, the soul forever set free; don’t become double minded. So many think, it’s about being good… enough. Hard work and dedication, a good desire; but it’s about the Sacrifice. A heart can be taught to bob and weave, but the mind still has to be disciplined; to truly be led… by the heart. Knowing how to make quick decisions, can help get a mind out of a jam; but the heart still needs to know, in whom to put the trust?

Don’t be scared to make a move, but don’t just rely on your own wit; know how to apply true grit. Perseverance requires true strength… of character. When in doubt, that the heart is not winning? Throw your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care… who’s watching. Don’t ever let your heart lose sight, of what truly matters. Don’t let your soul get focused, on truly meaningless distractions. A Double Dutch bus, is a sight for sure. But if the focus is just on how the wheels on the bus, goes round and round. That just shows, that the mind is what’s in control. Not a heart knowing how to take the lead, and what love truly moves… the soul?

A young, vibrant heart learning the how to; can easily jump a rope. But yet still too young, to know how to properly exercise… true restraint; mind, body, and soul. Hearts in love, is eager to jump a broom. But for the love to not get tattered, not get easily broken. The love needs to be forever bound, with a three stranded cord. Every heart knows how to jump in, but the question I have is this; do you truly know how to stay in… love? Life can make the love seem, like hearts just swinging… in opposite directions. Hearts crisscrossing, but without the rhythmic cohesiveness. For two hearts to truly flourish, for the soul to truly experience a double portion blessing; the love for has to be, hearts in love… forever. No double talk, no Double Dutch; jump in, jump out. Just grateful hearts, compassionate souls; slow to anger. Hearts in tune, abounding forever… in true love!


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