Wonder Twins!


They are a Marvel, and they have such strength; and they are truly a wonder. My heart has words, but yet my soul… speechless. How can any heart, not be in complete awe? How can a soul with breath, not be utterly astonished; in absolute amazement? Hope, just one word… can help explain the true wonder. Trust and believe, the way; the truth… to power. One truth can empower, the other fights… the powers that be. You can never truly have one, without needing the other. They might seem different, but they are One… in the same. You can’t get saved, without the surrender. You can’t get true strength, unless you have the power… within. You can’t believe, if you don’t know the truth. To see all the wonders at work, faith; what activates. A soul, in the shape of a heart… forever in love. To truly get from under, the struggles that keeps the heart a captive? You first have to experience the awe, and truly know how wondrous!

So much Wonder, so much Love; full of so much Compassion. Who can ever separate, take the love from my heart? Stop the Miracles, Signs and Wonder; when it’s all, part of the Beauty? They have all power, to Fix the broken hearted. To set a bound heart Free, to Save every lost soul. What can stand against, they can Never be defeated. The Power to Transform, will never be a surprise. Knowing such an Awesome, Remarkable, Undeniable love. How can any heart, not be truly Amazed? Some might think, loving the Wonder; nothing but child’s play. But that’s just it, you don’t get the understanding; without first getting a transformation… of heart. You have to first become a child, be a true believer… before you can enter in. It’s not about a cartoon, but hearts in tune. To know the Love for, is to have true Affection. It’s a two fold blessing, for a heart to have and behold. I tell you the truth, they are so Amazing; Grace, and Mercy!


21 thoughts on “Wonder Twins!

  1. Your words are very beautiful, but I have to question what is the heart? To me the heart is just a muscle that keeps the body alive. The Soul is our pure essence from where the words of God flow into our thought system, the mind is what thinks and often negates the words received from the soul. This is just a query on what you write not a negative response as I enjoy your thoughts.

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    1. If the heart doesn’t move, the soul cannot breath. You invite God into your heart to live, to become the lover of your soul. Your soul will live forever, and even though the heart is just flesh; that’s where the love for God resides, speaking into our soul. Just like the Father, Son, Spirit. We have the mind, will, emotions; that make up the soul, but the heart is where the love begins. If the heart truly loves, the soul is then sure to thrive! A wonderful question, Blessings!

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