A Forever Embrace!



Your love, never has to fight for my heart. Everyday my heart, what I choose to freely give. Your love is not a possession, but I will fight to have it… be my everything. Your heart, always given, with such precious love. Why my heart and soul keep it, radiant and so beautiful. I will always shine a light, and never let the love… just fade away. My love will be relentless, my heart will forever give chase. Allow my soul to always take a breath, but every exhale; never breathed out in haste. Your love, is my love; my heart, forever your heart. For you always seem to have my heart, close to your love. May you always want to rest your love, on my heart. Always want to put your love, within the care of my heart. May my heart be gentle enough. May the warmth within my love, be a fire that forever burns. I know nothing will ever separate, but it’s still up to my soul; to never let anything come between. May your love, and my heart always be in; A Forever Embrace!


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