Tomorrow, is a day that you can never count on. So why do we tend to trust, that tomorrow will be the saving grace? There was evening, there was morning; then it was the next day. Tomorrow, was nowhere to be found. It was never there in the beginning, nor promised to anyone. So, why do we cling to talking points; hold them so dear to the heart? We even put it ahead, of the perfect gift; “Today,” the only day we get to behold. Even if you wished upon a star, wishful thinking; may just be the candle, that once burned bright!

Let the dawn greet your heart, but let the bright morning star; be where you put your hope. Tomorrow is a day so many count on, but today the only day; you get to take a breath. Tomorrow will never show up, even to honor a complaint; or to simply dispute an argument. Tomorrow doesn’t owe you a thing, or will ever honor a petition. Tomorrow can never promise to show up, today is what comes; to address the troubles of the day. Tomorrow is so elusive, and it is so cunning. It tells your heart to put off, what can be done today. Even though having that tomorrow, is a broken promise. Today, and that exact moment you breathe; all that’s truly yours!

So many believe and trust, that tomorrow will be a better day. When the heart lays down to sleep, first pray the Lord; thy soul to keep. A little sleep, a little slumber; a little resting of the heart, but awake in peace. Knowing that your tomorrow, has again become your only day. Forget about tomorrow, Live, Laugh, Love; Today. Choose Life… in Heaven, give today; your Heart and Soul. Know real peace, know what will be… the final resting place. Then, just watch and pray. This is your today, but then the day; becomes a Forever!


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